AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor 9.4

Edits, records and shares videos

Edit videos by cutting, splitting or merging them and adding effects, subtitles or transitions. Import the video from camera, retouch it, then burn it on a DVD. Record the action from your screen.

Editing your own videos to turn them into pro-looking files, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs is now more common than ever. AVS Video Editor offers you all the tools and features you need to go from your raw video recordings to fully edited and nice-looking homemade movies either on file or on disk. Its intuitive multi-track timeline makes the entire process a lot simpler.

Clearly designed to make things as easy as possible for the amateur user, AVS Video Editor offers a well-structured interface with a timeline for multiple tracks in the bottom half of the window, a video player on the top right, and a wider top left area for loading your videos, recording audio, or applying all kinds of filters and effects.

All you need to do is place the different files in the corresponding track within the timeline – place them in your preferred order, move them around, mix them up with your favorite audio tracks, and wrap them up in an endless choice of video effects. The only tool the program needs to be nearly perfect is a serious audio editor complete with some audio effects and a few more features than just the possibility of adjusting the volume of the audio tracks.

The overall idea is that you start off with your raw home recordings (or whatever video files you wish to edit and mix), remove any unwanted parts, enhance them with creative effects, link them together with nice transition effects, put a themed menu on top of them, and burn them to disc. This is the standard process, but thanks to the tools the program provides, there are many other things you can do with your videos and this tool.

You can record your own commentary track to add to your final video, but you can use that feature to produce tutorials, too. You can add smooth and creative transitions to link your videos, but you can also use them to move nicely from one photo to the next in a slideshow. As you can see, the program’s versatility provides you with a wealth of possibilities – add them to the program’s support for nearly all well-known video formats and you’ll end up with a flexible and easy-to-use utility to produce stunning movies, slideshows, tutorials, video and audio recordings, etc.

AVS Video Editor requires you to purchase a license to be fully functional. It is not excessively high, but it may look a bit expensive if you intend to use the program just once. If you happen to be a video aficionado and have lots of home recordings to digitize and turn into serious movies, you will find that fee worth every cent.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes a good variety of effects and filters
  • Supports all well-known video files
  • Offers menus for your video discs
  • Has an audio recording tool
  • Displays an intuitive timeline-based interface


  • Does not include an audio editing tool
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